The Sun Says…

By The Seasons

Each day the sun rises with such excitement and glee
Each morning it screams, “I’m here, come out and play with me!
Please come out and see what I’ve done so sad I made the birds sing, I helped wake up the farm”
I guided the flowers with the warmth of my light
Even though I must warn you, I am a bit bright
But please come out from the inside, go for a swim, do for a ride.
Hike in mountains, take shade under trees, enjoy the sound of honey made by fantastic honey bees
Play hide and seek in the park with some friends
Have picnics and play sports, the fun never ends!
Let’s enjoy each other’s company before I have to set
I know I have to go down soon, but I’m not done just yet.
My set is the signal that the moon will soon come
So begin packing up, gather your things everyone
But remember, as you are tucked in all snug in your beds
When you wake up I’ll be here, to play with you once again”

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