Off the train

Train stopped one stop before mine
I decided to get out the station and walk
I’m glad I did…
The weather was perfect
Fire danced in the lanterns that surrounded the fountain.
I stood there and realized I needed to share this moment with someone
So I did
Then said my goodbyes and asked away, knowing that the beauty of the city is still alive and well
Wishing that every night could be as peaceful as this one, as beautiful and comforting
…now, back to reality



As it hits the window, I stop and stare
My mind drifts away from my present body
Thoughts arise that I could not bear to think of consciously because it leave me bare
I only think this way when I watch it hit my window
I shouldn’t stare but I can’t help myself
It only comes to me as the wind blows
Gloomy days and dark nights as if it speaks to n one else
“I’m here,” it says, ”remember me”
I’m lost in my mind of thought that shouldn’t be
This happens to me often and it drives me insane
I cans never escape it, here every time it rains