This shit hurts

This shit hurts, like this shit sucks
Hurts worse than stepping on legos
Worse than hitting your pinky toe on the corner of the coffee table
Worse than the comedian choking on stage
This hurts.
Hurts more than death
Actually it is death
I’ve seen death come so peacefully to those who invite it in
I just may take death over this
Maybe not.
But this still hurts though

Too Short

Life is too short to set aside how you feel
Deny it if you want to, forget what is real…
By the time you want to act right, I’ll be long gone Boo
I’ve wanted you for a while now…no longer can I wait for you
But by the time you’re not scared to admit you want the same…
I will have moved on, and you sir, would’ve lost out on a good thang