Social Love

We spoke everyday
In the morning he would greet me, “good morning,” he’d say.
We laughed all the time
His jokes were hilarious; his personality reminded me of mine
There was no one like him
He was so unique I didn’t know where to begin
I saw him day and night
Not a moment passed when I didn’t have him in my sight
Seasons started to change
I was so accustomed to only him, everyone else just seemed so lame
Then we decided to meet
We knew of this place where the water you did see and there was sand at your feet
I saw him there in front of me
We said “hello, it’s finally nice to meet”
But we had nothing got say
It was like we couldn’t be us with this medium in the way
I was scared to speak
I thought if I opened up then he wouldn’t like me
We drifted apart
Without the device I dint know where to start
We went our separate ways
Never realized how much we could hide socially
He messaged me when he got home
Once again I didn’t feel so alone
My phone next to me while looking at the ceiling above
As I drifted to sleep thinking of him, my cyber love


I, the pieces of the puzzle.
You, the glue that holds me together.
Without you, I would fall apart.
Pieces of me…scattered.
I need you.