I Found A Penny…

By Random Thoughts

I found a penny on the floor
It made me stop and think
How so many times we overlook what we call the little things
Why would someone just pass u by
Why would they not pic u up?
Cuz so many of you is a powerful thing, but I guess so little isn’t enough
How ungrateful…he went for the quarter instead
Doesn’t realize it’s harder to find that, than you’re little shiny copper head
Ignored, counted as priceless…never counted.
Society sees u as nothin and yet you are everything.
Oh little penny, I see life in you…
I know just who you are
You’re every person neglected, but to me you are the star
I’ll pick u up and take you home…
You have a place with me
Cuz we only need one person to care
With that just imagine how powerful we can be.

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