During the Fall

During the fall, the feeling is crisp
It’s more relaxed, and you’re happy, you were wishing for this.
This breath of fresh air as it comforts you all day
This blanket of calm that makes you feel some kind of way

Dung the fall, all the colors change
You see things differently, nothin is the same
Life is much better as the play switched scenes
It’s happy, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful, so serene

Ah the peace you receive during this fall
The beginning stages of love, the best of them all

There’s beauty in everything, music fills the air
The wind feels like fingers as it flows through your hair

During the fall the wind is your guide
You soar with the birds as you’re take. For a ride
You’re hopeless but hopeful that you’ll make it down
But at the same time, you don’t want to get back in the ground

During the fall you just let yourself go
And everything you once knew, you now do not know.

Off the train

Train stopped one stop before mine
I decided to get out the station and walk
I’m glad I did…
The weather was perfect
Fire danced in the lanterns that surrounded the fountain.
I stood there and realized I needed to share this moment with someone
So I did
Then said my goodbyes and asked away, knowing that the beauty of the city is still alive and well
Wishing that every night could be as peaceful as this one, as beautiful and comforting
…now, back to reality


In their Presence

My ancestors would not agree
Oh how they’d be so mad with me
My ancestors would speak the truth
They’d say “child, there is no slave in you”
“That slave, you descended from, was forced by fear
But they were strong and that is why you are here
There’s a fight in you, so you’re one in the same
You are more than those hard working hands, more than that name
Generation after generation, there passed great traits
That skin, hair, your mind, those hands which were made to create
To build up, not just yourself, but your people my child
To feed the minds, to watch it grow, but to be kind, but stay wild
Don’t feel bad for yourself child, because life can in fact be cruel
But in the animal kingdom, the strong survive and that is our life rule
You have to know when to run, know when to hunt, sleep and hide
Be the predator AND the prey, because this is the only way you can survive.
Give yourself to build others, but take what you need to stay alive
Believe in yourself child, this is how to take pride
This is how you will learn
That is how you get stronger
And this is how you stay strong
You lead and follow, you follow and lead
The matriarch of her herd, the leader of leaders to be
So when you look in the mirror and those eyes look back at you
You are witness to the greatness your ancestor could do
Proof that the blood runs deep and our spirits are here
Understand that no matter how far, we will always be near.
Here to remind you, my child, that you come from something so great
Born from the motherland, passed through the hate, with life’s lessons, survived despite the tears, created that which was impossible, rose up through what was feared
You my child, are more than an ancestor could hope for
Remember that as I tell you this
Life is hard, full of misses and hits
But you learn, you evolve, you adapt and you thrive
In this human kingdom you just learn to survive
Be the predator and the prey
Learn to give and when to take
Know all of this and you’ll be okay.
Now awake my child, with fire in the sky there us a new day
Arise my child, get out in to the world, it’s time for you to slay”

To be Great

To be great is to give something to the world.
Something for everyone to feel.
Whether it be physical, mental, emotional etc.. to be great is to have passion.
To thrive.
To survive.
Give it your all.
Conquer your fear, because you are made for greatness, because that of which you are….is amazing.
Show it off.


I Found A Penny…

I found a penny on the floor
It made me stop and think
How so many times we overlook what we call the little things
Why would someone just pass u by
Why would they not pic u up?
Cuz so many of you is a powerful thing, but I guess so little isn’t enough
How ungrateful…he went for the quarter instead
Doesn’t realize it’s harder to find that, than you’re little shiny copper head
Ignored, counted as priceless…never counted.
Society sees u as nothin and yet you are everything.
Oh little penny, I see life in you…
I know just who you are
You’re every person neglected, but to me you are the star
I’ll pick u up and take you home…
You have a place with me
Cuz we only need one person to care
With that just imagine how powerful we can be.


As it hits the window, I stop and stare
My mind drifts away from my present body
Thoughts arise that I could not bear to think of consciously because it leave me bare
I only think this way when I watch it hit my window
I shouldn’t stare but I can’t help myself
It only comes to me as the wind blows
Gloomy days and dark nights as if it speaks to n one else
“I’m here,” it says, ”remember me”
I’m lost in my mind of thought that shouldn’t be
This happens to me often and it drives me insane
I cans never escape it, here every time it rains


I have realized that the Sun is my guide
I gravitate towards it
I’m not happy without it
I am a sunflower, basking in the sunlight
Taking in the bad, digesting it and transforming it to that of which can breath life into others

Lose it

Lose the ego

Open the eyes

Vibrate higher

Let your spirits guide you

You shall not be one of feeble mind and heart

Your spirit is strong

And the devil is not allowed in