Power Trip #1

“You can’t make me,” I said
“I don’t want to,” said he
“Cuz my love will be so great, that you’ll do it willingly

In Your Arms

I would love to be in your arms right now…head on your chest…comforted by the air circulating thru you as you take a breath….my body rubbed by your strong hands as I drift off to sleep.
Lullabied by such sweet simple pleasantries

Oh Love,

Oh love, what have you done to me
But to add me into your fuckery
Why oh why have you tortured me so?
Love, love me and please let me go

To all My Friends…

To all my friends…and to all those watching…
Never be afraid. Things happen for a reason. Fear is a state of mind, and worrying is useless. The only thing you can do is give it ALL you got. Every time.
If it works out, great, but if it doesn’t…the. You were meant to learn from it. Either way, you have been out in a position that not only makes you stronger, but also makes you prepared for what comes next.
So do your best…every time, because there may not be a second chance.
It happened for a reason. It didn’t work for a reason. You were knocked down sooooooo many times for a reason. The universe know what to do with you. Chill. Be strong. Keep going.


The other side of love

I can’t believe this shit. Why do I put up with this nonsense, maybe it’s because I love him. I mean, he says he loves me, and I know he does, right? But he’s always with her. Saying “this time I will leave baby,” “this time I will go.” But then it’s always “it’s not a good time,” “I need her for some particular things,” “after this thing I have to get done.” Just excuses, excuses, excuses. But he makes me feel good. Why can’t I stop loving him? Why do I love him? Fuck? When even love? I wait in the shadows like a bag in the night, flying high but in silence. Never to be seen really. I wait, pretending I don’t care when in fact I care too much. I wait, knowing there will be more excuses, more empty promises, more lies, more hurt and more sex. “You told me you would leave.” I said. “I know, and I will but just. Not. Now,” says he. “Just not now.” I sigh, he kisses me, he leaves. Oh how I love that man. I sleep alone Noah nights, “he’ll be back.” I say; “he always comes back.” Time passes, still passes, and then, just like that (even though “like that” has been four months), we are no more. I see him and her, she is pregnant, he looks happy. He sees me and his smile fades. I get a text, “you look beautiful.” I stare, and stare, and cry. Love lost, lust lost. She won, and I, I have nothin, but this love. This love, the other side of love…the dark side that I never wanted to be in; the side that took me and held me tight, never letting go. I walked away, never looking back at love loving another.


NO Need

No need to be prefect…
You’re human
I like you
I love you, as you are

Pass On

Pass on the greatness
We have so much of it, we can’t possibly keep it to ourselves.
Here’s to you, to me, to all of us

Social Love

We spoke everyday
In the morning he would greet me, “good morning,” he’d say.
We laughed all the time
His jokes were hilarious; his personality reminded me of mine
There was no one like him
He was so unique I didn’t know where to begin
I saw him day and night
Not a moment passed when I didn’t have him in my sight
Seasons started to change
I was so accustomed to only him, everyone else just seemed so lame
Then we decided to meet
We knew of this place where the water you did see and there was sand at your feet
I saw him there in front of me
We said “hello, it’s finally nice to meet”
But we had nothing got say
It was like we couldn’t be us with this medium in the way
I was scared to speak
I thought if I opened up then he wouldn’t like me
We drifted apart
Without the device I dint know where to start
We went our separate ways
Never realized how much we could hide socially
He messaged me when he got home
Once again I didn’t feel so alone
My phone next to me while looking at the ceiling above
As I drifted to sleep thinking of him, my cyber love


I, the pieces of the puzzle.
You, the glue that holds me together.
Without you, I would fall apart.
Pieces of me…scattered.
I need you.