Black Clouds

Black clouds
No view in sight
Can’t see my hands in front of me
No hopes of any light
Black clouds
Love lost, and it gets darker by the minute
The darkness surrounds me, the storm is coming
And I’m right in the middle of it

This shit hurts

This shit hurts, like this shit sucks
Hurts worse than stepping on legos
Worse than hitting your pinky toe on the corner of the coffee table
Worse than the comedian choking on stage
This hurts.
Hurts more than death
Actually it is death
I’ve seen death come so peacefully to those who invite it in
I just may take death over this
Maybe not.
But this still hurts though

Power Trip #1

“You can’t make me,” I said
“I don’t want to,” said he
“Cuz my love will be so great, that you’ll do it willingly

In Your Arms

I would love to be in your arms right now…head on your chest…comforted by the air circulating thru you as you take a breath….my body rubbed by your strong hands as I drift off to sleep.
Lullabied by such sweet simple pleasantries

Too Short

Life is too short to set aside how you feel
Deny it if you want to, forget what is real…
By the time you want to act right, I’ll be long gone Boo
I’ve wanted you for a while now…no longer can I wait for you
But by the time you’re not scared to admit you want the same…
I will have moved on, and you sir, would’ve lost out on a good thang

Oh Love,

Oh love, what have you done to me
But to add me into your fuckery
Why oh why have you tortured me so?
Love, love me and please let me go

To be true to yourself

To be true to yourself
Means to live yourself unconditionally
To be strong, unapologetic, free and unashamed…
To be Wild
The lion is never sorry for being what nature intended for him to be

From the Concrete

Like a Flower from the concrete
I am stronger than the rest
I’ve grown big and strong…
Survived all this time with much less
And here…we are

To all My Friends…

To all my friends…and to all those watching…
Never be afraid. Things happen for a reason. Fear is a state of mind, and worrying is useless. The only thing you can do is give it ALL you got. Every time.
If it works out, great, but if it doesn’t…the. You were meant to learn from it. Either way, you have been out in a position that not only makes you stronger, but also makes you prepared for what comes next.
So do your best…every time, because there may not be a second chance.
It happened for a reason. It didn’t work for a reason. You were knocked down sooooooo many times for a reason. The universe know what to do with you. Chill. Be strong. Keep going.