CAshLee (or C.AshLee), a native New Yorker (Harlem to be exact), has had a passion for children and writing since she could remember.  An average student throughout her school years, CAshLee played sports and tried to remain active despite having asthma and scoliosis. In high school she decided, if she did anything she may want to teach English literature to students. She loved the idea of making literature exciting to others.

In May of 2010, at the age of 21, her life changed for the better when she was hired as a preschool substitute teacher. She quickly moved up from sub to assistant and remained in that position until her departure in July of 2013. Being a parent and child favorite, she was able to establish great relationships with all parents, students, and staff. It was in the classroom, during a muffins with mommy (Mother’s day) celebration, she was applauded for her poem “Mother’s Secret” (which will be her third published book, date TBD). CAshLee held off the books publication for years, but the time made her realize she missed writing, educating and caring for her young students. Though her passion remained, she chose to go back to school in September of 2014, and in June of 2017, earned her Bachelors in business management with a minor in finance. She also became a member of the Delta Nu Delta, as well as the National Society for Successful ad Leadership honors society in May 2016 and 2017 respectively. In between time, she found time to write and then decided to share this passion with the world.

Best decision she ever made.


“Follow your passion, no other decision will make you happier”

“Nothing is better than the light you see in a child. It is love, happiness, and innocence; it is everything we should be in this world”