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Ms. Tess and her students welcome a new friend to their class, but this new friend comes with a surprise. The students are full of excitement and questions, hoping to find the answer to what it may be. Can you guess what it is? Perfect for boys and girls ages 3 to 8.

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"OMG! I love this book. My daughter cannot put it down. Highly recommended!"

Jessie Reyes

The Author

CAshLee (or C.AshLee), is a native New Yorker, with a passion for writing since she could remember. Falling in love with the way the right words could bring out so many emotions from its reader.

Former preschool teacher, CAshLee (aka Ms. Chris)  was applauded for her poem “Mother’s Secret” (publishing date TBD) during a muffins with mommy (Mother’s day) celebration. The encouragement from parents inspired CAshLee to write more child-based works. The result, pieces of work that CAshLee is excited to share with the world. 

“Nothing is better than the light you see in a child. It is love, happiness, and innocence; it is everything we should be in this world”

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